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Buku Photographer's Guide to Photoshop

11 Apr 2014

BHINNEKA BOOKS Photographers' Guide to Photoshop 4th Edition
The very best photographers have always been those with skills in capturing pictures with their camera and producing great results in post-production. In the past, this was by using fi lm, which was processed and printed in the darkroom, today it s by shooting digitally and manipulating images on the computer, usually using Photoshop as the software of choice. Regardless of the type of digital camera you use, once you have your images on your PC or Mac, Photoshop allows you to experiment, enhance and manipulate to your heart s content
Whether using Adobe s affordable Photoshop Elements package or the more powerful Creative Suite, there are countless ways to improve or transform your photographs. Of course, such a sophisticated tool requires time and effort to master, which is where The Photographers Guide to Photoshop 4 will help. Produced by photographers for photographers, this guide is the perfect introduction to Photoshop, guiding you through the key features and tools that you need to use, as well as providing you with a variety of techniques geared towards helping you make the most of your digital images. By following the jargon-free advice given by our team of experts, you can look forward to mastering key Photoshop techniques, while having fun as you learn new skills along the way. We ve covered various techniques, from basic skills that enhance images to more advanced options that transform them.  

Dennis Publishing 
27.4 x 22 x 1 cm 
IDR 300,300

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